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"Shine On": Top 5 Characteristics of a Great Headshot

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

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Congratulations! You've booked your photo session, selected the perfect photographer, and have your look all sorted out. But what's next? How can you ensure that your headshots accurately reflect your vibe, are of high quality, and help you stand out from the crowd? Fear not, because we've got you covered with these five characteristics of a great headshot that will leave you with headshots you'll love!

1: Clean and Simple

Headshot of professional African American woman

First and foremost, keep it clean and simple! The goal of a headshot is to showcase your professionalism, and that means having nothing to distract from you. So, make sure your headshots are crisp, clean, and simple.

2: Confidence and Approachability

Confidence is key, and you want to radiate approachability. Showcasing your personality in your headshot demonstrates self-confidence, which automatically leads others to feel confident in you as well.

3: Smile with Your Eyes

Let those pearly whites shine! A genuine smile radiates a vibe that attracts your audience. So, smile with your teeth and your eyes to show off your approachable and authentic self.

4: Personality over Glamour

Don't go overboard with glamor! Make sure your headshots look like you and represent your personality. There's no need to overdo it with the makeup, hair, or clothing. Just be unapologetically yourself!

5: Conservative Colors

Finally, wear conservative colors to keep the focus on you and your personality. By sticking to conservative colors, your headshots will showcase your smile and personality, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Follow these five simple rules, and you'll be sure to leave your headshot session with photos that capture the best version of you!


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