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A company is as strong as the team behind it. Since 2014, Headshot Solutions and beyond has been serving Metro Atlanta residents through the delivery of  innovative photography. Our focus is to provide you with a solution tailored to your industry to instill confidence in your brand and drive sales.

Our Mission

For years, we've collaborated with professionals and brands, aiding in the expansion of their client engagements through creative photography. Our mission is dedicated to assisting business owners and entrepreneurs, like yourself, in articulating your distinctive narrative and showcasing your personal brand with captivating and striking imagery.

photographer creative headshot

Pierre R. Michel


Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Pierre stands as the visionary lead photographer at Headshot Solutions and Beyond, a distinguished mobile studio serving the Metro Atlanta area. His journey has been marked by an enduring fascination with design and art. Before venturing into the realm of professional photography, Pierre immersed himself in the world of Architecture, pursuing studies at Southern Polytechnic (now Kennesaw State University) and honing his skills at various engineering firms across Metro Atlanta.

With a rich background spanning over a decade, Pierre's lens has captured the essence of diverse occasions, from weddings and family portraits to the dynamic world of real estate. However, over the past three years, his focus has evolved exclusively to the nuanced craft of headshots and corporate events. This specialization allows him to bring a unique and refined perspective to each client's visual narrative, ensuring every photograph tells a compelling story.

Vivian Michel


Originating from northern NJ, Vivian made the life-changing move to Georgia 2006, just after tying the knot with Pierre. It was in the heart of Metro Atlanta that they planted roots, growing a family and nurturing the journey of raising two boys. Alongside her career in criminal justice, she observed her husband transform a beloved hobby into a thriving business.

Inspired by the vision, Vivian seamlessly integrated herself into the heartbeat of the operation, taking the reins of the day-to-day affairs at Headshot Solutions and Beyond. Her keen attention to detail, critical thinking, and organizational prowess form the bedrock of the  operations, ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of every aspect of the business.

Vivian Michel Professional Corporate Headshot Grey Suit
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